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Meet Shamanista, Shapeshifter of Consciousness

&  Medicine Women. She is the protector of the natural world and divine law and keeper of
"The Wild Wisdom".

Shamanista is here to assist in humankinds awakening! She will stop at nothing to take you to the far edges of reality and consciousness.
She Must if Our World is to Survive!

This awesome performance will rock you into an uncharted territory of existence!  Here you will hear the earth sing, embrace “The Dreamtime”, and remember who you really are. In truth this performance is a voyage of liberation into the heart of the earth, through the abyss of darkness and into the light where we Rise to Freedom, transforming the earth and all of life.

As you experience each of the songs in this musical, know our collective energy is raising the energy of our world! - Gina

Coming in 2023


"An awesome Healing Ceremony and performance all in one. The messages and vibrational healing of the music was fabulous! Shared with a group of lovely souls bringing in the divine feminine with their energy. Gina's healing musical journey is a must experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
-  Susan Underwood, Spiritual Artistry


"Gina is an electrifying performer who knows how to engage her audience with her powerful voice. Not only does she put on an exciting show - the positive messages she incorporates into the lyrics of her songs will last for generations to come." - Michelle Kaye, Composer and musician.


"The real sensation of the evening was visionary songstress and scribe Gina Citoli,she sang four songs and each one seemed to be more energizing than the other. I hardly found an artist who can convey that much light energy on the spot."   Franz Nahrada - Our Global Village- Vienna Austria



Gina Citoli rocked the house with Transformation Earth.  Her deep, soulful voice projected a powerful and positive message.  I came out of the theater very uplifted---something everyone needs!" -  Susan Stone 

“Gina Citoli was on fire and truly sang the perfect words so needed for these times we are going through. What a magical performance.   And then followed by such heart felt conversations by beautiful women just what my soul needed after all the disconnection lately." – Lynn Koll , Awesome Women


"My physical body was really feeling the discomfort from the intense solstice energy. My how the energy of the afternoon shifted for me after enjoying a couple hours of Gina's enthusiasm. That night I enjoyed a deep, restful, sleep. I felt rejuvenated and happy the next morning."  - Paula Quinlan, Maple Grove, MN

"Gina's enthusiasm for her work shines forth in a powerful way through story and song. She  inspires me to be more, do more, and sing more! for the greatest good of all life on this beautiful planet and beyond!"
- Susan Sabre - A Celebration of Women Retreat  


The star quality Voice, the thought provoking and soul touching lyrics, the engaging music. Riveting, exciting, and spellbinding!  Gina's live performances are more than just a show, they are health food for the spirit."

-United Earth Alliance  

"We were all awestruck over how powerful Gina’s performance was!" 
- Carolyn Brooks - LSIC , Duluth , MN  

"Gina creates inspiration with loving messages through her music and talent. You will be moved with her voice and melody - a performance hard to forget! - Afton Embrace, MN

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