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Alchemist, Shamanista & Seer 

Gina Citoli

Divination, Sound Healing, Alchemy, and Plant Medicine for Illumination and Inner Liberation.
Wisdom, compassionate guidance, and encouragement as you move into
the higher frequencies and
"Aspire to Greatness!".

 My name is Gina Citoli and I would like to welcome you to Gina's Alchemy.
I call it Gina's Alchemy as Alchemy is the basis for my work.


Alchemy is the art and science of illumination and inner liberation.

It is the ability to change the frequency of thought, alter the harmonic's of matter and apply the
elements of love to achieve transformation. 
Alchemy is the breaking down of the old and synthesizing it into a new form.

This is part of my over all Gina Citoli site that includes my Illuminate Theatre Art. 
My performances inspire you to aspire to greatness and are magickal healing journeys
illuminate and create inner liberation. Gina's Alchemy is the one on one healing part of my website.
It offers support in regenerating yourself and transcending to new dimensions and densities of being.

I have always had a passion for divination and have been reading  and researching Tarot for 0ver 40 years.
It has been one of my greatest teachers. From there I learned about Numerology, Shamanic Spirt Guides, various
Oracle Cards including  The Mayan Oracle and  The Spirit Cards Oracle. I then went on to sound healing,  plant medicine and energy work and became certified in Reiki , Energy Interference Patterning,
and Advanced DNA Integration.  I have studied Dr. Joe Dispenza 's work for 8 years and dug deeply in the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd, Alchemy and  recently I have been researching the guardian races and our
true origin and place in the cosmos.

It is my life time commitment to master myself and ascend.  I have been dedicated to assisting in birthing
“The New Earth” since age 7 when a near death experience guided me to where I am today. 
I am here to support you with my life time of  experience.  I have packages that combine my different offerings
as well as single session prices. Go to
Schedule a Session for more information. - Gina

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Sound Healing

Gina takes you into a transformational experience of sound that will touch your heart and soul. The enlivening vibrations will resonate into your cells

432 hz Crystal Singing Bowls
The Schumann Resonance The Earth's Heartbeat, Voice, Solar Tuning Forks
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Tarot, Spirt Cards Oracle, Alchemy,
Shamanic Spirit Guides,
& Messages from The Universe.

Expanded perspectives, advanced truths
and insights into achieving transcendence 
inner liberation, and self-mastery.
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Plant Medicine 

I am a certified Nutritional Herbologist.
I have taught classes and educated food coop communities. I have been a researcher on food, diet
and nutrition for over 40 years and restored myself
from many imbalances.

I now offer offer consultations and am going in the direction of the frequencies and energy of the food itself and work with the spirit of the plants  I also take into consideration the changes our bodies are experiencing  due to the state of the world and the rising of our collective consciousness.
You may add a  plant medicine consultation to a divination session and or a sound healing  - Gina
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Aspire to Greatness 

These performances are magickcal healing journeys.

They illuminate and create inner liberation,

The songs are musical sound waves of love designed to
regenerate y
our heart, mind, and spirit.  

They will inspire you to aspire to greatness!

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With major change taking place on all levels of life we are being called to evolve at a greater velocity with more honestly, transparency, depth, and truth to serve the needs of our times.

It is imperative that we embrace our power gracefully, walk with impeccability, and live our lives respectfully with unshakable integrity and to contemplate deeply what it truly means to be living men and woman and guardians of the earth and all of life on earth and "Aspire to Greatness"


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