Gina, and everything she offers is first class all the way. She enriches, enlivens, and fascinates her audiences with engaging, life enriching entertainment.

There is nothing else like her performances they truly offer a brilliant vision for humanity, and solutions
to the challenges we face as a people, and a planet, all in an exceptional and exciting way,

Gina marries her diverse background in theater, music, and performance arts with her knowledge of new science, human evolution and consciousness, alternative healing, metaphysics, and universal truths. Resulting in several one woman Broadway style musicals that are extraordinary, inspirational, elevating, and empowering.  

Gina’s passion is to use performance art to unite humanity, raise our collective consciousness, and offer ground breaking perceptions on how to create a more universal, compassionate, and peaceful culture. 

Gina has performed to standing ovations and rave reviews from New York's Battery Park and Den Design-Forum of the Museums Quarter in Vienna, to The Sedona Creative Life Center and the Beverly
Hillshire Screening facility in Beverly Hills CA. to name a few.

Her music has won awards, she has recorded two phenomenal songs with Grammy award-winning producer Barry Goldstein, her music has been used by NASA, in film for the environment and
on international CD compilations for world peace.

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"Gina is a brillantly talented ,performer, singer, songwriter. Gina performed" Cabaret of Conscious" at Free Spirit Ranch summer of 2009. We all laughed, and received a wealth of information that created positive possibility in all our lives. Gina received a standing ovation which she truly earned. I highly recommend Gina , she's a very talented lady."  Lisa Kuchinski Be it Coaching / Free Spirit Ranch


An Introduction to Gina Citoli by Lynn Koll – Oasis Center for Consciousness Living and Awesome Women.
(Lynn has been a co-creator with Gina in many events and projects and describes
Gina and her work in perfect order.)

Gina Citoli is a dynamic, creative performing artist that educates, inspires, enlightens, entertains, motivates and excites her audience. Gina’s passion is to serve the emerging new paradigm and help Humanity awaken
and evolve to our next stage of being and consciousness.

Gina has personally been through many challenges that set her back for several years, or so she thought.
On the other side of these experiences, she truly says nothing was ever a setback, but instead was real transformation.
She has walked the path of each show, sharing tools and insights that were helpful to her.
Gina has written four different shows with a new one on the way. She transformed herself by writing and singing about her life experiences and shares them with her audiences in a most extraordinary and magical way.

Most entertainment in our culture today is filled with fear, vulgarity and violence.
You won’t find that in Gina’s songs or performances as they elevate and uplift us with ways to love, evolve, and create a socially-just, sustainable, compassionate environment to thrive in.

She shares her passion through music, song, story, and performances that transform, expand consciousness and raise frequency.  She is completely dedicated to this passion and mission of inspiring, raising awareness and providing awakened education through enlightening entertainment.

One of the greatest things we can all learn from Gina is that anything is possible.
There are no limitations to what we can achieve. 
Besides being a talented performer, singer and composer/playwright Gina is also certified
in various energetic healing modalities and she’s a Nutritional Herbalist. She has a background in the metaphysical and intuitive arts, new brain sciences, Human Consciousness and mastery level teachings.

Gina has written, produced and recorded over 60 songs and sings about world peace, universal truths, empowerment, the environment, love, and transformation Lyrics are created to reflect the emotions she has felt personally, or sometimes emotions felt collectively in humanity. Her premier productions are "A Cabaret of Consciousness" and The Magick
which are a culminations of her life’s work and a journey to her own self-realization.

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