Illuminate Theatre Art

Performances for "The New Earth!"

Aspire to Greatness!

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Illuminate Theatre Art ascends consciousness and liberates “The Human Spirit”,
emboldens the heart and advances the mind.

Quantum physics has conclusively proven that where our focus lies is what creates our reality. Where we place our attention is where we are at. Today where we put in our focus and what we view is more important than ever!

Your Brain on Art -  Study in The Washington Post 

Performing Arts are powerful tools that can inspire us to reach for our greatest good and highest expression.
They can be tools for self-realization and can enrich and enliven us, ignite our imagination, creativity, higher intelligence, and innate healing abilities. Studies show after experiencing live performance the audience gains more empathy, compassion, and greater learning abilities .For information 

Gina’s exceptional, imaginative, and creative presentations offer expanded perception, new possibilities, and a greater awareness of ourselves and our world. They also can generate heart- mind coherence and unity.

These performances are for any event, group, business, organization, community or individual that is interested in elevating humanity and the planet to a new level of being!

Included in Each Performance:

  • Music which has been proven to support healing.

  • Rhyme. In ancient Greece Rhymes were used not only to beautify the poem, but to help the audience to preserve the message within their heads.

  • Conscious use of words which has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress. 

  • Smiles and laughter which boosts the immune system and relieves stress. The body is more relaxed when we smile, which contributes to good health. It also immediately releases endorphins. 

  • The power of conscious and mindful intention Every performance is created with conscious mindful intention for  both audience and artist to always gain whatever they need or desire from the performance. 

  • The power of belief which offers unlimited possibilities and the certainly that we can heal ourselves and our world!

  • The content of all of Gina’s performances are 5th and 6th dimensional and support the evolution of the human spirit, consciousness and empowerment. They contain universal truths, the wisdom of the ages, and new sciences and offer solutions to the challenges we face right now in our world.

Regenerate Your Heart, Mind & Spirit.