You will be enthralled by “Gina’s Exquisite Theatrical Quests” that
hold boundless possibilities for you personally and for a remarkable new world.
Each stellar performance is delivered with heart, wisdom, and a gorgeous, astounding voice.

Gina will move you with her passionate optimism and electrifying charisma.
Her entertaining and engaging performances are heralds for the speculator and auspicious future
on the horizon for Humanity and The Earth!

Brilliant and Superbly Imaginative

Gina’s Premier Performance
 A Cabaret of Consciousness
Inspires The Human Spirit and Comes
Straight from The Heart.

The Sequel to A Cabaret of Consciousness
The Magick
A Transcendent Rock Musical.

A Tribute to The Female Singers of The 20th Century
Divas, Wild Women & Rockers
They Rocked The World.

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Gina’s Wild Wisdom
Dare to Be Wild, Boundless and Adventurous.

House Concerts For Humanity
Performance Art with A New
Narrative for Humanity in Your
Home or Backyard.

Green it Up!
Something Special for The Children.


“Gina Citoli has put together a musical that is the most profound and comprehensive message
from Mama Earth you have ever heard. A Cabaret of Consciousness is the message of the time for the new earth. The level of professionalism, artistry and full spectrum delivery of this most appropriate message has all the potential to become a full production Broadway hit!” - Adrian Stewart, Parangello Players, Sedona, AZ

"This must go to the masses! Tears filled my eyes through at least three different parts..
Thank you for the hope, wisdom and inspiration. Miss Gina Citoli!! Broadway better get ready!" 
Oasis Center for Conscious Living , Minneapolis, MN

A Cabaret of Consciousness was beyond any expectations I could have had......." look out Broadway here she comes." Bridging The Water Gap International Conference , Minneapolis, MN

Produced by Alchemy VII Enterprises