Gina is a transformational singer, performing artist, ground-breaking playwright, producer and composer. 
She elevates, engages, and energizes her audiences with passionate optimism, 
theatrical charisma, and an astounding voice.

Gina's performances inspire the human spirit and bring value back to life.
You will be transported to exciting new worlds of endless potential and unlimited possibilities.

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 Three Exceptional Event Entertainment Featured Performances.
 Designed for Our Times.

Gina's Premier Performance - A Cabaret of Consciousness,
The Magick
and Divas, Wild Women and Rockers.
For conferences, retreats, resorts, fundraisers and special events. 

Featured Singer and Customized Keynote Performances
For meetings as well as for all of the above.

Heart to Heart at Home Parties

Family Packages.

Gina's premier performance. 

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The sequel to A Cabaret of Consciousness, The Magick is now available.
It is a Transformational Adventure into The Mystical. 

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Pure entertainment with a powerful message woven into memorable songs from an era of great change. 

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