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Transformational Performing Arts
 One Woman Musicals and music that Ascend Consciousness and Liberate The Human Spirit.  

Exceptional performances that are dynamic healing modalities
They are mystical magickal experiences of the extraordinary kind that will ignite your imagination. 
embolden your heart, advance your spirit, activate Consciousness and inspire you to greatness. 

Universal, Inclusive, Renewing and Unifying. 
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A Cabaret of Consciousnesses is a brilliant leading edge powerhouse of a performance that is 
"The Voice of The Earth Herself! 
This Broadway class one - woman musical is created for and dedicated to all of Humanity! It is the most optimistic and life enhancing show you will ever see!

Perfect for a new year and a new beginning for our world.

Book a performance now for your community, conference, business,
organization, family, friends and neighbors. Also 
wonderful for resorts, retreats,
healing cent
ers, theaters and hotels.

Dates in Sedona, Phoenix, Tucson, AZ. and surrounding areas are available beginning 1/1/22.

Though A Cabaret of Consciousness is Gina's premier and featured performance all other performances are also available. 

NEW - Created for for resorts, retreats, healing centers, theaters, and hotels.

Gina's Transformational Performing Arts Series

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Gina's beautifully crafted performances are a medley of wonder filled stories,  fascinating notions, and powerful music.  

Gina Citoli has created a superbly imaginative style of performance art that blends the performance, metaphysical, and healing arts. These exciting and one of a kind performances provide expansive new storylines for humankind.

Each musical is a luminous visionary quest that dissolves the shrouds of darkness and shines the light of truth

on the true nature of who we really are and the power we have within us all!  Gina’s exceptional performances activate innovative ways to heal, achieve life mastery,

 and a universal cosmic consciousness.

In these extraordinary and transformational times a "Great Awakening" is occurring.
Gina's Wholistic Performing Arts is Created to Serve this Awakening,

A Message from Gina
With major change taking place on all levels of life and consciousness we are being called to expand at a greater velocity with more honestly, transparency, depth, and truth to serve the needs of our times.
It is imperative that we embrace our power gracefully, walk with impeccability, and live our lives respectfully. with unbreachable integrity and to contemplate deeply what it truly means to be human..
The performances integrate the performing. metaphysical, and healing arts 
with neo science and mysticism. They are 5th dimensional and beyond
and grounded in the spiritual and natural worlds.
If you are a member of the human race all my performances are created for 
and dedicated to YOU!!"  - Gina
"The real sensation of the evening was visionary songstress and scribe Gina Citoli,
she sang four songs and each one seemed to be more energizing than the other.
I hardly found an artist who can convey that much light energy on the spot."

 Franz Nahrada - Our Global Village- Vienna Austria

Gina's one of a kind performances reflect her diverse background as a vocalist, performer and composer along with her experience in theater, dance and music.

The content of the performances reflects her gnosis (knowledge) of ancient wisdom, new science, metaphysics, consciousness and health.

Each musical shares Gina's passion for raising our collective consciousness, uniting humanity, healing our planet and liberating our spirits .

For more about Gina go to the About Page.
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"Gina’s personal integrity, and professionalism is of the highest quality.

She has the ability to express powerful, and effective messages, which foster healthy living and wellness. Gina is able to touch people on a personal level as well building a stronger, healthier community at large." 
- David Mueller, Vice President Caring Hands Inc. Hastings, MN

Every performance raises the vibration of our planet supports your regeneration, health and wholeness, the restoration of the earth and life itself.

"Being a life-long seeker of truth with a passion for music has healed me from severe anxiety, depression and other physical and emotion challenges. The sacred wisdom I've gained is infused into my music and performances that ascend consciousness and liberate your spirit.

  Reconnecting with Life on our planet right now is imperative for our healing and the healing of our beloved earth. All my music and performances are crafted to harmonize with life as it has not been revered or respected for millennia. I am very grateful to be able to use my gifts and talents to inspire you to reach for your highest potential and aspire to greatness!"

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