Wild, Wild Wisdom breaks all the rules. It is delivered by Bona Dea The Keeper of
The Wild Wisdom. Bona Dea takes you on a wild ride to freedom and sovereignty,
It is an exploration into the unknown and you are the explorer of your own
*Wild, Wild Wisdom is about being willing to do whatever it takes to be free. having
fearless faith and being willing to stand for humanity and the earth.
Wild, Wild wisdom will rock you into a new and uncharted territory of reality!
“Be Prepared for Bona Dea is a warrior goddess of nature here to assist in
humanities awakening! She will stop at nothing to take you to the far edges of
reality, consciousness, and evolution. She Must if Our World is to Survive!


Gina Citoli is a spiritual smash.  Our congregation was treated to hearing our philosophy for the

first time in a musical!  I dubbed it… New Thought philosophy meets GLEE!  Gina’s energetic

performance is backed by solid spiritual truths and stories that combined with music,

touched us all on many different levels.   

- Rev. Michael Ingersoll, Seattle, WA