Expand, Liberate and Regenerate All Aspects of Your Being.


 Gina is an Alchemist, Mentor of Ascension, a Shamaness and Seer.
A reading with Gina is a transformational and integrative experience.

Gina's readings are grounded in alchemy,  shamanism, mysticism, 
cosmic truths, science and life mastery. 

Includes : tarot, 
numerology, animal spirit guides, plant medicine and multidimensional channeling.

"I find a reading with Gina reaffirming, clarifying and helpful. It helps me see things from a different perspective. She is also a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, spirituality, and general health and well being. Her many talents lend to a integrative session that can help one transform themselves into their true potential. I leave feeling centered, focused and peaceful!  I am thankful for the guidance and council she has provided me over the years." - GN - Herbalist and Energy Healer

 A Transformational Reading  will assist you in navigating the intense energy and changes  we are experiencing on planet earth with greater ease and gnosis (knowledge).

  • Discover your greatest potentials and ways to achieve the supreme expression of you! 

  • Receive techniques for dynamic growth.

  • Receive guidance on relationships, career and spirituality.

  • Gain greater clarity and coherence.

  • Learn ways to attain a more awakened consciousness. and wholeness.

“Gina Speaks from The Heart with Wisdom and Truth!” 
Dr. Joanne White, Award Winning International Best-Selling Author and Energy Master.


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Special Fall/Winter Prices: 
Half Hour reading - $39
Hour Reading - $77
I will be available for in person readings at Mysterium Theatre Arts  beginning 1-22-21 
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Liberates The Human Spirit 

In a Reading

you may experience


  • Getting in touch with your purpose and passion.

  • Guidance on relationships, career and spirituality.

  • Greater clarity.

  • A more awakened consciousness.

"I have had sessions with Gina Citoli, and both times have been amazed at her strong intuition, insight and accuracy.  She creates a safe space, and lovingly invites Spirit in to help her guide the process.  Gina is knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend a session with her if anyone is looking for a deeper, clearer understanding of his/her Path."  


Jeanne Barret - Owner / Afton Embrace




"Gina's words.. Accurate, precise and in the months since, indeed, that which she spoke of has unfolded. Every person who spent time with Gina at our event was awe struck by Gina's ability and gifts." 

Michelle Mays – United Earth Alliance




"Gina Citoli adds a special energy called 'love'.
She is very intuitive and reflects to her clients just what they need to hear. I heard only praises from her clients after their time with

 Aria Joy - Owner/Stonehenge Rocks and Rituals-MN


"Gina offers a fresh perspective and approach blending different methods and modalities. She bridges gaps left in each when they are in a stand-alone setting. It is truly the beginning of a global approach being reunited, and anyone fortunate enough to have a reading or healing session with her will greatly benefit from it."

 Salem - Event Coordinator  

"Thank you for the wonderful experience that you bring.
You are very inspiring to listen too as well as I feel so fortunate and grateful for the teachings as you bring us into the future. 
 I also want to thank you for the insight that you shared with me on my journey.
You are so right. You give me hope as well as courage and I really feel
that is an important message that you give. 
Speak up for our beliefs! Wake up! Stay awake!
Or we can easily fall back under the waves."  

Thanks and lots of love to you."   - Steve

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