A sacred healing musical performance that vibrates deep into your being.
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Transformation Earth is an inner experience that awakens, regenerates and evolves humanity, transforming the earth and all of life. This awesome performance helps audiences hear the earth sing and embrace the Dreamtime so they remember who they really are. As you open the stargates and doorways within, you heal at the deepest levels. When each person heals, the world transforms.

Meet Sidira. a powerful Shamaness and Keeper of The Wild Wisdom.
Sidira will take you on a journey into the heart of the earth, through the Abyss of darkness
into the light where we Arise to Freedom!!

"As you experience each of the songs in this musical, know our collective energy
is helping to heal ourselves, the earth and all of life."

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"An awesome Healing Ceremony. The messages and vibrational healing of the music was fabulous! Shared with a group of lovely souls bringing in the divine feminine with their energy.

Gina's healing musical journey is a must experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

 -  Susan Underwood, Spiritual Artistry

"Gina's enthusiasm for her work shines forth in a powerful way through story and song. She inspires me to be more, do more, and sing more! for the greatest good of all life on this beautiful planet and beyond!"  - Susan Sabre - A Celebration of Women Retreat  

Transformation Earth Logo Trans 3=11=21.

Transformation Earth

The full soundtrack.

Includes all the singles listed below.

Earth Song: Part I & II

1. A call from the earth. Can you hear her calling?

2. Calling in the directions

Earth Song: Part III

The healing that comes from within.

Earth Song: Part IV

Harm none, honor humanity and respect all things. 

Breath of Spirit

Breathe in spirit; breathe in life -- to know what freedom really means.  

(This song is also on part of The Magick and
available on both soundtracks.)

Follow the Eagle

 Gather your courage and look to your heart. 

Earth I Am

A prayer and chant for the earth.

Emerald World

Visit a new Land of Oz --

where the world is green, the air is clean, 

waters sparkle blue and lush forests span

as far as the eye can see.


Bliss and kisses.


A blessed truth chant.

Pray Peace

Catch the light to reach a new vibration.

Power of Peace

Billions of people raise their voices to be heard.

Peace prevails.

Gathering of the Earth Tribes

Calling all humanity --

become the peace, take down the walls and stand as one!

May our differences become our strengths.

(This song is also on part of The Magick and
available on both soundtracks.)

These are the Days

We're on the threshold of a new frontier and

our new world is finally here! 

(This song is also on part of  A Cabaret of Consciousness and available on both soundtracks.)