These superbly imaginative performances are awe inspiring road maps to a new reality.

They ascend consciousnessliberate "The Human Spirit!" and are designed for our times.

Transcendent Theatre Art is created to be in service to humanity.
awakens, illuminates, and  supports the return of humanity

to our original Divine Angelic blueprint.

Transcendent Theatre Art is Crafted to Awaken Us To Who We Truly Are!

 ​"The star quality Voice, the thought provoking and soul touching lyrics, the engaging music.
Riveting, exciting, and spellbinding! Gina's live performances are more than just a show,
they are health food for the spirit." - United Earth Allianc

Public performances are available as well as hosted  performances for your community, conference, business, organization, or in your home/backyard for family, friends and neighbors. 
Also wonderful for resorts, retreats, healing centers, theaters and hotels


Every performance raises the vibration of our planet, initiates aliveness and the renewal of the earth and life itself.

And they are - A Whole Lot of FUN!

Performances for "The New Earth!"

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Aspire To Greatness!

Transcendent Theatre Art

Mama T.png

Friday September 23, 2022 - 7pm
Mary D. Fisher Theatre Sedona AZ.

Illuminating and Superbly Imaginative


A Cabaret of Consciousness


The Voice of The Earth Herself

Red Star T.png



In This Powerful One-Woman Musical, Gina Citoli Rocks The Universe!

Triple Goddess Trans.png

A Tale of Valor, Love, Transformation, & Ascension.

And help produce Gina's Transcendent Theatre Art and finish recording the soundtracks. 

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All music and soundtracks are available on Gina's Music Page.
Gina's new songs will be on this page as well as they become available. (Recorded)

"Gina's is one of the consciousness-raising messengers on our planet whose voice carries healing qualities. Gina combines her wisdom with music, story telling, humor and vocals to
onvey solutions for the challenges facing  humanity."   

- Carolyn Vinup - HPSS Global - Minneapolis, MN