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The Transformational Wisdom Circle can be an add on to any performance be it a
full length performance or a keynote.

It will begin with a gallery reading and meditation by Gina.
The reading will be to bring in a message for the group that is participating in the circle and connect
the group to the relevancy of the content of the performance that has just been experienced to each individual and as a group consciousness.

There will be interactive dialogue and questions on the wisdoms and universal truths the performance presents.

Gina will enhance this unique presentation by singing songs from her wide array of original and cover music
to set the mood for the insights that reveal themselves.

The intention of The Circle is for the participants to gain a deeper perspective on each performance and how to apply the insights to there own life.

In the big picture the intention is to present a new way of learning through performance, insights, dialogue, and interaction with each other.

In essence you will be experiencing, creating, and learning simultaneously.
And possibly leaving an event embodying what you have experienced and learned.

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