A transcendent one-woman rock musical of love and transformation.

A spectacular array of Universal Truths.

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You'll be mesmerized by Gina Citoli, as Aradia, avatar of the highest order
and "Queen of The Witch". She was also known as Bella Pellagrina (The Beautiful Pilgrim).
Aradia lived in the 13th century and taught the ways of love and transformation to the people of Italy. 

Aradia has returned to 2021 to take humanity on a journey of ascension.
The Magick is a 
tale of goodness and wonder, avatars, alchemists and immortality
that transports audiences 
into a new paradigm of limitless potential.

In true Gina fashion, she energizes the stage with the unique 'magick' of consciousness based on
the wisdom of the ages -- deeper than magic as we have ever known it. 

The unforgettable surprise ending will astonish and enlighten you.

"Come with me on a journey of transformation and ascension you will remember forever."  Gina

A note of clarity there are good witches and those with evil intent.
Aradia is what is known as a white witch or a witch that works with natural magick (natures laws). 
She is a healer and avatar, Avatar referring to one that is a mystic, and sage.

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"I so loved this performance. It gave me goose bumps, moved me to tears, and I was in awe as I watched Gina sing with such gifted talent.
- Oasis Center for Conscious Living 

"In true Gina fashion she rocks the stage with powerful universal truths.
Truths about aging, abundance, stewardship of the Earth, and truths about accessing ‘the magick’ 
of the consciousness that is available to each and every one of us on a daily basis. her use of song, humor, dance, along with heart make this a ‘must see’ show." 
- Kat Luther

"I love the message presented and it is refreshing to hear a vocalist who actually has a great voice, has taste in phrasing and carries a very under-control power." Stash - Global Freedom Fest
Enjoy 30 second previews of songs from The Magick. 
They may be purchased as a full album download or as singles.

The Magick

The entire soundtrack.

Includes all the singles listed below.


An avatar of the highest order, Aradia shares

secret signs and ways of transformation.

The Magick


Unlock the magick available to each and every one of us by looking far beyond the rainbow!

On the Wings of Serendipity

Embrace the unknown places where miracles reside

and follow the synchronicities that open the doors

to a new reality.

Breath of Spirit

Breathe in spirit; breathe in life -- to know what freedom really means.  

White Raven

White Raven saw the picture of a new world,

woven in a tapestry of light.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist seeks not a new place, but new eyes in which to see. What was once lead is now turned to gold. 

Eyes of a Child

 Meet me in the eyes of the children.

The Moon Tune

Shadows and moonbeams timelessly dance.

A cycle, a rhythm, an illusive moon tide . . .

are you living your truth or are you living a  lie?

The Queen of Synchronicity

A voice in al all making sensing of it all.

The Magick's in the Mirror

A glimmer, a whisper, a word and a call to go beyond it all --

can you hear it?


We create reality, the essence and spirit of our souls -- eternally.

 Earth Tribes

Calling all humanity --

become the peace, take down the walls and stand as one!

May our differences become our strengths.

Silver Ships

Silver Ships of love and devotion.
No more hate and commotion.

Celebration of Life

When you've almost given up, the sun rises and gets 

brighter and stronger -- together we make it through.