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Gina's  Magicklal Musical Theatre Art is specifically designed for the times.

Her superbly imaginative performances are exciting, thought provoking road maps to a new reality.

When you attend a performance you will interact with magnificent female charters that will fascinate you and take you beyond the world you have known into a new world of magick, renewal, prosperity, and creation.
This exceptional style of theatre art is a unique and dynamic healing modality that blends performing healing and metaphysical arts. They are truly magickal musical experiences of the extraordinary kind that
active new perspectives and awareness’s of yourself and the world as a whole.

Join me and ignite your imagination. embolden your heart, advance your spirit, and be inspired to greatness. 
Universal, Inclusive, Renewing and Unifying. 

Now more than ever the value of live performance cannot be over stated
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Art Mirrors Life and Life is an Art!, 

Join me in creating a beautiful dream that can become our future world. 

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Mama Earth - A Cabaret of Consciousness