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Wholistic Performing Arts
Concerts, Music and One Woman Musicals that Ascend Consciousness and Liberate The Human Spirit.
Wholistic: Universal , Inclusive, Healing, Unifying and Life Enhancing.  
Now more than ever the value of live performance cannot be over stated

This fall Gina is launching A Cabaret of Consciousness 2021/22 and
Introducing Miracles, Magic & Music a very special holiday show for our world and
Rise to Freedom Video​Though Rise to Freedom is media art it will be part of 
A Cabaret of Consciousness as well as a 25 min live program for schools,
events, rallies and other gatherings.
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A Cabaret of Consciousness & Miracles Magic & Music

The first step of my vision is to produce A Cabaret of Consciousness and Miracles, Magic and Music a special Holiday performance for the public in Sedona AZ.  Why Sedona? Sedona is Known as the Consciousness and healing capitol of the world. It attracts international and national visitors in the millions each year. The audiences that can be reached and the positive effect these performances can have in this locale is immense.  

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Wholistic Performance Arts Series

Phase two is to produce a series of all of my performances for the public in rotation for the tourism in Sedona,

(The single performances and the entire series can also be hired by resorts, hotels, theaters,
communities  organizations etc...)



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The Royal Art of Alchemy

Academy of Performing Arts 

Phase 3 is to launch The Royal Art of Alchemy wholistic performing arts academy in 2022/23.

The academy will offer multidimensional consciousness courses that teach life mastery through performing arts. 

Help Produce A Cabaret of Consciousness 2021/22 and
Miracles, Magic and Music.

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Art Mirrors Life and Life is an Art!, 

Join me in creating a beautiful dream that can become our future world. 

There are many ways you can sponsor a performance. I invite conversation to discover how we can support each other. 
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Mama Earth - A Cabaret of Consciousness