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Aradia has returned to 2022 to take humanity on a journey of ascension.
The Magick is a 
tale of goodness and wonder, avatars, alchemists and immortality
that transports audiences 
into a new paradigm of limitless potential.I

"I love the message presented and it is refreshing to hear a vocalist who actually has a great voice, has taste in phrasing and carries a very under-control power." Stash - Global Freedom Fest

Enjoy 30 second previews of songs from The Magick. 
They may be purchased as a full album download or as singles.

The Moon Tune

Shadows and moonbeams timelessly dance.

A cycle, a rhythm, an illusive moon tide . . .

are you living your truth or are you living a  lie?

Gina & Merry Citoli with Alchemy VII

The Queen of Synchronicity

A voice in al all making sensing of it all.

Merry & Gina Citoli with Alchemy VII

The Magick's in the Mirror

A glimmer, a whisper, a word and a call to go beyond it all --

can you hear it?

Gina Citoli & Alchemy VII


We create reality, the essence and spirit of our souls -- eternally.

Gina Citoli & Alchemy VII

 Earth Tribes

Calling all humanity --

become the peace, take down the walls and stand as one!

May our differences become our strengths.

Gina Citoli & Marshall Davis