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A session with Gina will offer you expanded perspectives, advanced truths and insights into achieving life mastery,
self transformation and 
dominion over

your own life.

Gina Speaks from The Heart with Wisdom and Truth!”
 Dr. Joanne White, Award Winning International Best-Selling Author and Energy Master.

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Receive support in navigating the

intense energies and changes we are

experiencing on planet earth with greater ease and gnosis (knowledge).

Gain more clarity in you life.

Discover to how to make choices from an ascended consciousness and be enlighten to your greatest potential.

A sessions with Gina will show
the value of renewing 
your connection to life

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Gina is Claircognizant – intuitive knowing, Clairvoyant – intuitive vision, Clairaudient – intuitive audio or hearing. Clairsentient– intuitive knowing by feeling.


She is also a sensorium which means she reads vibrations as well as detecting the energy level of

life vitality. 

A session with Gina can assist you in disconnecting from the old matrix and see new possibilities in your life!

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With major change taking place on all levels of life we are being called to evolve at a greater velocity with more honestly, transparency, depth, and truth to serve the needs of our times.

It is imperative that we embrace our power gracefully, walk with impeccability, and live our lives respectfully with unshakable integrity and to contemplate deeply what it truly means to be living men and woman and guardians of the earth and all of life on earth. - Gina

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"Amazing Reading! Gina Citoli is a gifted reader, following her heart, as well as her higher self,
as a clear channel for the impressions she picks up from the cards.  She picked up on one card, seeing it in her mind's eye before she worked with the physical cards, and its message came through loud and clear for

me, very much on target with my current situation.   She is someone you can trust to deliver the

meaning of the cards clearly, as their energetic signature comes through.   Gina is a gift in my life.”

Greg O'Neil- White Tiger Farms


"I find a session with Gina reaffirming, clarifying and helpful. She does not give you strait predictions that this is what’s going to happen. She is more likely to share her vision of what may be the outcome of current situations and those in the future. I enjoy sessions with Gina as it helps me see things from a different perspective. She is also a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, spirituality, and general health and wellbeing. Her many talents lend to a integrative session that can help one transform themselves into their true potential. I leave feeling centered, focused and peaceful! I am thankful for the guidance and council she has provided me over the years."  GN – Healer


"Gina offers a fresh perspective and approach blending different methods and modalities. She bridges gaps left in each when they are in a stand-alone setting. It is truly the beginning of a global approach being reunited, and anyone fortunate enough to experience a session with Gina will greatly benefit from it."
Salem - Event Coordinator

"Every person who spent time with Gina at our event was awe struck by Gina's ability and gifts."
Michelle Mays – United Earth Alliance

"Gina Citoli adds a special energy called 'love'.  I heard only praises from participants after their time with Gina."
Aria Joy - Owner/Stonehenge Rocks and Rituals-MN


"If anyone is looking for a deeper, clearer understanding of his/her Path. I highly recommend a session with Gina" ."Jeanne Barret - Owner / Afton Embrace

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