A Reading & Greeting by Gina is an extraordinary gift for that someone special and a meaningful way to show you care!


Songstress and visionary, Gina Citoli, will sing two songs that nourish and revitalize, in addition to providing a Tarot Card reading for the recipient. In Gina's Tarot Card readings, she sees possibilities and opportunities that reveal insights, new perspectives and are empowering. 


This session will take place via Zoom.


Before checkout please be sure you provided the recipient's name, email and phone number. Gina will contact the recipient to schedule their reading. Also, please indicate the songs you would like Gina to sing and the occasion. If you don't have a preference, Gina will pick the best songs.


On the thank you page at checkout you will receive a download (pdf) that you may print and/or forward to the recipient.




Reading & Greeting by Gina