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Gina now has a Wholistic Performing Arts Series,  a Concert Series and a Vignette Series.
(Vignettes are performances that are 30 min or less on specific topics.) 

Experience One of Gina's Extraordinary Performances.

  • When you attend a musical you will interact with with magnificent, powerful female charters that
    will fascinate you 
    and take you beyond the world you have known into a
    new world of magick, renewal, abundance and creation.

    (This spelling of magick' is The Magick of consciousness based on the wisdom of the ages--

deeper than magic as we have ever known it.)

  • When you attend a concert you will feel like you have been hugged by a sound wave of love!

  • A vignette is like a musical but shorter with a specific topic and delivered by Gina with an
    occasional character that  joins her. 


 Click on each banner to learn more about each performance.

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Cabaret Gold Logo 7-10-21.png
The Voice of The Earth Herself.
Transformation Earth 7-10-2021.png
A sacred healing
musical that vibrates
deep into your
A spectacular array 
Enter The Mysuc Banner .png
Ascended insightful
visionary music, 
mystical story
telling, meditation,
and contemplation.  
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MMM Holiday Music and Show Banner larger  T. 8-29-21.png
An Exquisite New Holiday Musical
for Planetary & Cosmic Peace
The Magick  Gold Vertical 7-10 -21.png
of universal truth.
A spectacular array
Divas Banner 8-30-21 .png
Rebels and revolutionaries that broke the stereotypes and rules. 
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Ascend Concert Banner Extraordinary .png
Vignettes Title Webpage .png
Rise to Freedom Gold Vertical Website 7-10=21.png
Special Project
Gina Citoli Logo Trans.png
Rabbit Holes Banner  New Rabbitt 8-29-21.png

Coming Soon!

All music and soundtracks are available on Gina's Music Page.
Gina's new songs will be on this page as well as they become available. (Recorded)

 ​"The star quality Voice, the thought provoking and soul touching lyrics, the engaging music.
Riveting, exciting, and spellbinding! Gina's live performances are more than just a show,
they are health food for the spirit." - United Earth Alliance  

"Gina's is one of the consciousness-raising messengers on our planet whose voice carries healing qualities. Gina combines her wisdom with music, story telling, humor and vocals to
onvey solutions for the challenges facing  humanity."   

- Carolyn Vinup - HPSS Global - Minneapolis, MN