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Dragons symbolize Auspicious Powers, Strength, Courage, Fortitude and Magick.

These are some of the qualities developed in self-mastery.
These qualities are the gateway to a new reality that is emerging in the hearts of all humanity .

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Mastering Your Own Destiny - “Performance Arts Therapy For Self Mastery.”
is a beautiful blend of performance art, self-realization, universal truths, and holistic healing..

This is an adventure of transformation, breakthroughs, and self-mastery.
It teaches the participants skills to evolve and express themselves by using improvisation, movement, voice and
by creating a one - person performance for self-expression and personal breakthroughs.

The intention of this program is to develop skills that move the participants out of survival into creation,
and to connect with our greater intelligence though the performing arts.

Elevate Your Awareness, Activate Coherence, Ignite Creativity.

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Special Courses for Teens.

"You have to get to a greater level of Consciousness to solve the problems that were created by a limited level of consciousness."
Einstein/Joe Dispenza

Please fill out this form with information on your event and from there we will book a
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