I am very excited to introduce you to my new production company Mysterium Productions. 


Mysterium Theatre Arts live events and Mysterium TV online.

Mysterium Theatre Arts and Mysterium TV is My performances and music along with the stories, spoken word and dialogue I create are infused with what I call wild wisdom, universal truths, as well as healing principles.

   All of my work has been intentionally designed to support what we are experiencing on earth right now. It is updated continually to offer you truly life changing, engaging and enlightening experiences.

My creations are fifth dimensional and beyond, support ascension, wholeness,
exploration, regeneration and liberation on all levels.


Though I love creating videos and online content my true passion is live performance because
of the human to human contact and the benefits it comprises. 
I will have an in-depth PDF
and page of the benefits of live performance/theater coming soon!