Life is an Art and The Earth is Our Living Stage.
We are The People are of The Earth, not of the illusionary world that is dissolving around us.
It is time for us to reconnect to The Earth, her magmatism and to who we really are! 
 Mysterium Theatre Arts is unique style of performance art that provides a new narrative for humankind.  It is designed to inspire, elevate and support Humanity through this auspicious
and unprecedented time on planet earth."- Gina
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Mysterium Theatre Arts Humanitarian Project

"The function of an artist is to bring into the field of the wakening - state mind knowledge that comes from the broader medium of mind in which it is precipitated but to which under normal circumstances, it has no immediate access. The result is a work of art that inspires humanity to a life of love beauty and understanding. As such the artist has a specific purpose within humanity that serves to restore the balance where separation, despair, conflict,
and hostility have eclipsed the light of love an understanding that lives within each of our hearts.

Art is remembrance.  Adapted from Rupert Spira's  The Nature of Consciousness

Beautifully Crafted Performance Art that "Liberates "The Human Spirit", 



 Mysterium Theatre Arts. It is extraordinary as it integrates the performing and
healing arts with the spiritual and natural worlds.
The performances also unite the mystical with ancient wisdom and weaves it all together
with quantum physics for a 5th and 6th dimensional view of reality.

Mysterium Theatre Arts offers a new narrative for humankind with wonder filled tales that arouse
 the imagination and inspire every man and woman to aspire to greatness. 
Each of the performances coalesce with the others to reveal the limitless power
and potential within all of humanity. This is the power that holds the truth of all solutions 
to healing ourselves and our world.
Originally theater was outside in the round and was a place for artists and performers
to express concepts, perceptions, innovative and creative ideas.
Mysterium Theater Arts is fashioned after this concept. 

Participants are invited to consciously immerse themselves, experience, witness,
and observe the performances.
The intention of Mysterium Theatre Arts is to unite humanity and present a clear, untainted evolutionary platform to express advanced truths and expanded concepts." - Gina
Emboldens "The Heart", & Advances "The Mind".

The Vision for Mysterium Theatre Arts

Stage 1 - From May 1 till Aug. 19, 2021 performances are available in the greater Minneapolis St. Paul area and western Wisconsin for small and large events. There will be some shows produced for the general public as well.  More about this at Experience a Performance  
Stage 2 -  Fall 2021 - Produce live  performances in  Sedona AZ.
( Why Sedona? - Sedona is one of the most well visited places on earth for healing.
Here the performances can reach a vast international audience and touch many lives.)
Stage 3 - Winter 2021/22 - Live & Online - Mysterium Theatre Arts Performing Arts Courses.
Courses are for self -Realization, healing, regeneration and ascension.
Stage 3 - Long Term Vision - Animate all performances and create the sequel shows in
The Magick  Series.  The series includes The Magick itself and 3 Rock Operas ( Songstress, Dragons, and The City (Siddhi) of No Return) that will be created live as well as animated. 
All present and future performances are designed for audiences to experience
 5th and 6th dimensional consciousness and will always evolve with the needs of Humankind.