Life is an Art and The Earth is our Living Stage.
We are The People are of The Earth, not of the illusionary world that is dissolving around us.
It is time for us to reconnect to The Earth, her magmatism and to who we really are! 
 Mysterium Theatre Arts is unique style of performance art that provides a new narrative for humankind.  It is designed to inspire, elevate and support you through this auspicious
and unprecedented time on planet earth.

The Performances

Gina's beautifully crafted performance art Liberates "The Human Spirit", 
Emboldens "The Heart", & Advances "The Mind".

This art form is extraordinary as it integrates performing and healing arts and unites it 
with the mystical for greater awareness, mastery, wholeness, and healing.​

Originally theater was outside in the round and was a place for artists and performers to express concepts, perceptions, innovative and imaginative ideas. Mysterium Theater Arts is modeled around this 
and in the round. It will be outside when possible along with inside venues.

Participants are be invited to experience, witness, observe and learn from the performances.
The intent of this art form is to present a clear and untainted platform to express
advanced truths and expanded concepts.