An Enchanting, Life Enriching Healing Concert 

Musical Metamorphosis

Rise, Awaken & Transcend 

Gorgeous Vocals, Amazing Music, & Insightful Messages.

Musical Metamorphosis is a beautiful, life enhancing musical performance.
Gina Citoli takes you into a mystical experience that will touch your heart and soul.
The enlivening concert will resonate into your cells and support rejuvenation, regeneration, and revitalization.​
This performance is a magickal tapestry of inspiring music, Gina’s’ extraordinary voice. 432 hz crystal singing bowls, solar harmonic tuning forks, percussion and a visionary Gina's Alchemy group reading/message. 

Let go of your day and the world around you.
Enter into a transcendent experience that will lift your spirt and transform your being. 
Each performance changes and reflects those in attendance. 

"Enthralling intoxicating stuff!”
 - Fire Works Magazine, London

"Emerald World is gorgeous! A heavenly vision I shall behold. Thank you!”'  

-Lori E, Las Vegas, NV

"Gina's songs are fantastic.

They ring with soul and inspiration and with relevance for our times. They should be our new national anthems." 

-Burt Berlow Spirit Road Radio & Minnesota Peace Alliance 

Gina 1.png

"Gina is an energetic, gifted and talented musician, composer, performer and teacher.
Her music, messages and voice inspires, uplifts and leaves you with a high-vibrational experience. 
It's a beautiful, all-in-one, gift-wrapped package!

- Jane Myers - Owner, Producer at Mind Mastery Radio