Gina Citoli is a Brilliant and Dynamic Performer.
She will move you with her passionate optimism and electrifying charisma.
Experience one of Gina's amazing performances and interact with with magnificent, powerful female charters that will fascinate you and take you beyond the world you have known into a new world
of magick, healing, abundance and creation.
Be amazed and inspired. Experience hope, contemplation and wonder! 
The Magick CD Cover.png

 A tale of avatars, alchemists and immortality that transports audiences 

into a new paradigm of limitless potential.

Concerts that liberate 
the human spirit,

 insightful and transformational . 

 Brimming with feel good vibes, magnificent music, captivating stories,  
breakthrough information and humor!


An inner experience that awakens, regenerates and evolves humanity, 

transforming the

earth and all of life.

Book a performance for your next gathering or event!

My performances support the liberation, sovereignty and empowerment
of Humankind 
and are designed to go beyond entertainment as we know it.

 Ideal for communities, businesses, organizations, theaters and retreats --
or for a gathering of friends and neighbors. Audiences will experience exciting new possibilities for their lives and the world. 


Below you will find two choices for booking your gathering or event.


Please fill out the form and specify which option and performance you would like.
 I will get back to you and we will set a time to meet on Zoom.
I look forward to bringing you and your participants a one of
a kind extraordinary experience.





Women's Groups



Wellness Centers



Performance Booking Inquiry
Choose an option
  1. Intimate gathering of 10 to 20 individuals.
    ( A Cabaret of Consciousness, The Magick and Transformation Earth.)
    Includes interactive dialogue with the character after the performance, a downloadable sound track and 20% off a reading with Gina

​​2. Larger groups of 25 individuals or more.
( A Cabaret of Consciousness, The Magick and Transformation Earth.)

3. Visionary Insights Concerts that liberate the human spirit - online or in person. 

I am interested in

"Gina's is one of the consciousness-raising messengers on our planet whose voice carries healing qualities. Gina combines her wisdom with music, story telling, humor and vocals to convey solutions for the challenges facing  humanity." 

- Carolyn Vinup - HPSS Global - Minneapolis, MN

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