Join us and Together We Will Wish Upon the Stars, Celebrate Life and
Dream in The Light of a New World for All.


 This divinely engaging performance introduces Grace the spirit of miracles and magic.
Grace will amaze and delight you with wonder filled stories and illuminating original songs crafted for our times. Woven into the tales and music are fascinating, thought-provoking notions to awaken
a remembrance of who we really are!

Performed and Created by Gina Citoli.

Music by Gina Citoli, Merry Citoli and Marshall Davis. 

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Tickets for Dec. 16, 2021
$25.00 + Fees
Cash Only at The Door.
Due to limited seating it is appreciated if you are attending and paying at the door you RSVP to
Thank You - Gina

Below are a few of the original works that will be in Miracles, Magic and Music. 


Pray Peace

 Gina Citoli

The Power of Peace 

Lyrics and Vocals - Gina Citoli

Music - Marshall Davis 

Someday When Christmas Never Ends 

 Gina and Merry Citoli 
Lyrics and Vocals - Gina Citoli

Music and Back up Vocals - Merry Citoli

Gina is an energetic, gifted and talented musician, composer, performer and teacher.

Her music, messages and voice inspires, uplifts and leaves you with a high-vibrational experience. 

It's a beautiful, all-in-one, gift-wrapped package!

- Jane Myers - Owner, Producer at Mind Mastery Radio