Due to the distinctive nature of my readings I invite you to prepare by contemplating what the description above means to you.
This is an interactive exchange and I ask that you write down your impressions, thoughts, and questions and have them with you.
Please be ready to expect the unexpected and to embrace the unknown as this is an adventure of boundlessness .

Your guide is your imagination and you and I will both be directed by The Quantum Field with The Royal Art of Alchemy as our companion.
 The Royal Art of Alchemy is the innate destiny of humans that choose to live in true ecstasy fully loving, living, and embracing all of life.

Alchemy is transmutation, a quantum leap into another frequency of reality.
Alchemy reminds you that there is nothing static about you as you are always in dynamic motion to better yourself.

If you have any questions, please contact me with the form below. - Gina

The Royal Art of Alchemy is about Illumination and Liberation and is based on Universal Truths, Science, and Master Level Teachings.
Your Reading includes Channeling, Tarot, Numerology, Shamanic Animal Totems, and Synthesis Deck, (based on DNA and The I Ching).

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“The finest thing in the world is to know yourself.
When you make choices that support your own growth and happiness you do not fear change or fear the other
for you are secure in your own being”. - Gina

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I have spent a lifetime as a seeker of truth, been through, health challenges including severe anxiety, depression, and many challenging relationships. As child I was so afraid of everything that it
led me to go on a journey to become fearless and whole!

My journey has led me to the The study of Alchemy, The Tarot
and other metaphysical arts.
I am also a certified as a Nutritional Herbalist, an Energy Interference Pattering practitioner, and a Reiki healer. 

I have taught in healing schools and presently teach with my readings as well as with my extraordinary brand of Performance Art that is a new narrative that regenerates the human spirit.
It is entertainment that inspires self-realization, ignites imagination, creativity and higher intelligence.

 I have studied mastery, and avatar teachings and have learned about
quantum physics, DNA and neuroscience from some of the best. 
All to heal myself and to help others do the same.

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$95.00 -- One Hour Reading
$50.00 - Thirty Minute Reading

After purchasing your reading contact me with the form below to schedule you appointment.
You may chose from a reading in person, by phone or on Zoom.

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"In spending some time with Gina recently, I must say that I found myself in the Presence of a person who has a very clear
Dedication to their Path. Someone who is out there walking their talk. I Respect That! (GoGirl!!)" - Natalia

"I recently had the pleasure of receiving an uplifting reading with Gina Citoli. What I loved is that it aptly confirmed what I’m going through. For someone like me, who’s always guided and guides others in their own lives and businesses, it was a welcoming change to receive validation of what my inner guidance has been telling me. Gina speaks earnestly from the heart with wisdom and truth.”
Dr Jo Anne White, Award-winning, International Bestselling Author,Certified Coach, Business Consultant & Energy Master Teacher

"I find a reading with Gina reaffirming, clarifying and helpful. She does not give you strait predictions that this is what’s going to happen. She is more likely to share her vision of what may be the outcome of current situations and those in the future. I enjoy receiving readings from Gina as it helps me see things from a different perspective. She is also a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, spirituality, and general health and well being. Her many talents lend to a integrative session that can help one transform themselves into their true potential. I leave feeling centered, focused and peaceful! I am thankful for the guidance and council she has provided me over the years." GN - Healer

"Gina Citoli has offered readings for myself and my clients. She has a wonderful way of revealing thorough information about who we are, what we are struggling with, and how we can best solve our challenges. She helps to find our gifts and passions, and does it very professionally and with integrity. Gina has a great gift of intuition, and is able to easily translate information to make it useful for life situations.
I highly recommend a session with Gina Citoli for anyone. Lynn Koll - Founder, OASIS Center for Conscious Living

"I have had readings with Gina Citoli, and both times have been amazed at her strong intuition, insight and accuracy.  She creates a safe space, and lovingly invites Spirit in to help her guide the process.  Gina is knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend a reading with her if anyone is looking for a deeper, clearer understanding of his/her Path."  Jeanne Barret - Owner / Afton Embrace

"Gina Citoli adds a special energy called 'love'. She is very intuitive and reflects to her clients just what they need to hear. I heard only praises from her clients after their time with Gina." Aria Joy - Owner/Stonehenge Rocks and Rituals-MN

"Gina's words.. Accurate, precise and in the months since, indeed, that which she spoke of has unfolded. Every person who spent time with Gina at our event was awe struck by Gina's ability and gifts." Michelle Mays – United Earth Alliance

"Gina offers a fresh perspective and approach blending different methods and modalities. She bridges gaps left in each when they are in a stand-alone setting. It is truly the beginning of a global approach being reunited, and anyone fortunate enough to have a reading with her will greatly benefit from it."  - Salem - Event Coordinator  

"Thank you for the wonderful experience that you bring.
You are very inspiring to listen too as well as I feel so fortunate and grateful for the teachings as you bring us into the future. 
 I also want to thank you for the insight that you shared with me on my journey. You are so right. 
You give me hope as well as courage and I really feel that is an important message that you give.
Speak up for our beliefs! Wake up! Stay awake! Or we can easily fall back under the waves."  Thanks and lots of love to you."  Steve

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