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 If you a looking for exceptional and entertaining Fundraisers, one of Gina's Performances is a fantastic choice!
The beauty, and benefit of having one of these spectacular shows is that not only are you raising money, you are offering your audience a one of a kind experience that holds outstanding Benefits, and Superb Value.

There will be downloadable PDF’s for each performance with detailed information available soon...

A Cabaret of Consciousness
is A Dazzling Heartfelt Performance that Elevates Consciousness and Inspires The Human Spirit. It is an exceptional choice as it is for our times and family friendly for ages 10 and up. As a Family Event you also receive Green it Up for Children. Ages 6-10. Detailed PDF


The Magick is A Transformational Adventure Into The Mystical.
It is a Tale of Avatars, Alchemists, and Immortality.
A Spectacular Array of Universal Truth.
The Magick is for the seeker of Universal Truths and pure magickal entertainment. Detailed PDF


Divas, Wild Women and Rockers is a Tribute to the Female Singers of the Twentieth Century
These Ladies Rocked The World! Divas, Wild Women, and Rockers is perfect for women's groups
and makes a great fundraiser. for women’s causes. Detailed PDF

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