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For Music Directors

With her gorgeous voice and exceptional music, Gina will enhance your service, program, event
or ceremony in an entertaining, exciting, and engaging way. 

She has an extensive library of her own songs as well as a
variety of cover songs for you to choose from.

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If you would like something extra Gina has a variety vignettes (10 to 20 min themed performances.)
to choose from. Just ask about what is available when you fill out the booking form.
Gina can also create something special for you.

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If you would like a full hour and a half Special Event or Fundraiser consider
Gina’s Premier Performance A Cabaret of Consciousness.


New Thought Recommendations and Booking Form

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Dear Ministers and Music Directors;
We have had the supreme pleasure of having Gina Citoli and her music at Our Spiritual Center for almost a year now. What a blessing this has been. I have been directing music and singing myself for over 30 years now and Gina brings something really special every time she is with us and that is as often as we can get on her schedule.
We always coordinate the music with the “message” of the service and if there isn’t a song out there to fit the message, she writes and performs it for us. Her music is always a showstopper. Meditative when it needs to be, and lively and energizing as well. It’s always inspiring to hear her clear delivery.

 “Praying In” before the service is how we start our morning and Gina is always there praying in with us, helping with set up and tear down after service. Her professionalism carries through in everything. Gina has been a joy and a blessing to work with every step of the way. I have never met anyone with her energy and enthusiasm for music and singing so focused on the truth of the way it is. Rose Marie Studer - Music Director – Our Spiritual Center - Minneapolis, Mn


"Gina Citoli presents a potent and powerful message of Divine Potential for the healing of the planet.  She is a presence to be reckoned with – combining rock star energy and crystal-clear spiritual truth. Gina delivers the goods for the awakening world."  Rev. Cheri Jensen, Senior Minister - Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living – Ft. Collins CO


 "Gina Citoli is a spiritual smash. Our congregation was treated to hearing our philosophy for the first time in a musical!  I dubbed it… New Thought philosophy meets GLEE!  Gina’s energetic performance is backed by solid spiritual truths and stories that combined with music, touched us all on many different levels.  I can’t imagine a better way for our message to be heard from town to town."   Rev. Michael Ingersoll - Center for Spiritual Living - Seattle

"Gina's performance is much more than great musical entertainment, it is simply genius, blending her incredible voice and vision into an educational and inspirational production.  She is truly one of the brilliant messengers of today, passionately performing her one-woman musical as Mother Earth, with a wakeup call for all of us to re-evaluate our way of thinking and our true creative abilities, encouraging us to up and be the potential we were created to be. Loved it!!" Christine Cole - Unity of Sedona

 “Sponsored by our church Gina Citoli’s Cabaret Of Consciousness was performed as an Earth Day celebration at a public venue.  It was outstanding!  Her performance dazzled and moved our audience in many ways throughout the show.

 Ms. Citoli sings like an angel, inspires with her wisdom and at times, made us feel as though we were seeing into the heart of our Earth.  She brings awareness about the condition of our world without being preachy—all with an endearing sense of humor and inclusion. We highly recommend A Cabaret Of Consciousness!

The comments we received from those who attended were extremely positive.  It’s a lovely show that entertains, delights, inspires and gives a sense of hope for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.  Although the focus is on the physical world in which we live, the lessons run deep about how we can all be more loving, aware and alive in our own lives.  And it’s FUN!“ Dawn Morningstar - Chair, Board of Trustees, Reverend Geoff Davis - Senior Minister - Unity East - Newport, MN

 I had the pleasure recently of attending Gina Citoli’s Cabaret Of Consciousness.  In a word, the experience was inspirational. Gina Citoli’s Cabaret Of Consciousness is a show that leaves you hopeful and thoughtful.  I personally recommend this program for schools, churches, corporate events, concerts in the park, etc.; anywhere in which education about our home is welcomed.” Rev. Carl Wergyn -Chairperson, Healing Ministry - Unity South Church, Bloomington, MN   


 To UCSL & Unity ministers, churches and centers:
Gina Citoli has performed at Our Spiritual Center often for our Sunday morning Gatherings. Her music, her presence and her abilities are excellent.  I highly recommend her to you for your special music during Sunday morning services.  Her special performance presentations also are excellent and professional.  Rev. Nancy (Larson) Herrick - Our Spiritual Center - Minneapolis, MN