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Gina as a featured singer or a keynote performer will elevate and enliven any event.
With her special brand of performance art she expresses new ideas and information in an entertaining, 
exciting, and engaging way. 

A Word from Gina ..

I  can offer you a vocal performance or an already existing keynote performance from the suggestions below.
I can also design something especially for your event or meeting. I have a wide array of music both my own, and cover songs as well as a variety of topics to offer you to make for an engaging and inspiring event. 
Here are a few that are already created .... Gina

The Re-Education of Humanity

The Re-Education of Humanity is based on Gina's one - woman musical A Cabaret of Consciousness.
It is about unlearning the known, stepping into the unknown and re-educating ourselves to an entire new way of being and living.

This keynote will help you navigate the changes we are experiencing in our world.
Gina will use music from A Cabaret of Consciousness, stories, and humor to demonstrate some of the concepts
with and emphasis on the core principle love and mind heart coherence .

The Re-Education of Humanity is a bridge to a new reality that is emerging in the hearts of all humanity.
It is about finding well-being, wellness, and peace within us.It is about a kinder world where all of life is valued, respected, and honored. It is about about imagination, joy, and love!
20 - 40 minutes

Get Happy
A Delightful, Elevating, and Experiential  Performance on The Power of Happiness.

With song, her passionate optimism and exhilarating energy Gina shows us how to cultivate the habit of happiness.
This keynote puts smiles on faces, uplifts and energizes! 

(Smiles and laughter boosts the immune system and relieves stress. The body is more relaxed when we smile, which contributes to good health.  It also immediately releases endorphin's.) 
20 to 40 minutes

Rabbit Holes, The Matrix, and I  
Go Beyond, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression to the Rebirth of the Human Spirit. 

With humor, great music, insights and invaluable information as well as personal experience down the rabbit holes and though the matrix. Gina shines the light of consciousnesses on stress and its minions; depression, anxiety and overall disease transforming them into a powerful journey of the heart!
30 to 40 minutes