Friday Night Light

Virtual Concert Series

Friday, September 11th 7:00-8:00 pm

Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center

A sacred healing musical performance -- that vibrates deep into your being.

An inner experience that awakens, regenerates and evolves humanity, transforming the earth and all of life.

This awesome healing ceremony helps audiences hear the earth sing and embrace the Dreamtime so they remember who they really are.

As you open the stargates and doorways within, you heal at the deepest levels. When each person heals, the world transforms.

"As you listen to each of the songs in this musical, know our collective energy is helping to heal ourselves, the earth and all of life."

What People are Saying...

"Each song is powerful, vibrating in your bones.  I felt a remembrance, a deep emotion, connection. 

The Shanti song took me to a transcendent state.  Glorious to listen and immerse

oneself in Gina's expression through the gift of her voice."

- Jacquie Parzych

“Gina Citoli was on fire and truly sang the perfect words so needed for these times we are going through.

What a magical performance.   And then followed by such heart felt conversations by beautiful

women just what my soul needed after all the disconnection lately"

– Lynn Koll


“An awesome Healing Ceremony. The messages and vibrational healing of the music was fabulous!

Shared with a group of lovely souls bringing in the divine feminine with their energy.

Gina Citoli’s Healing musical journey is a must experience, I got goose bumps several times

while listening and enjoying Thank you, thank you, thank you!” 
-  Susan Underwood, Spiritual Artistry