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Asteria will fascinate you with ascended insightful messages, visionary music,
mystical story telling, meditation, and contemplation.  

Enter The Mystic is a masterful blend of performance, healing, and intuitive arts.

Asteria will share with you ways to navigate the intense energies and changes we
are experiencing on planet earth with greater ease and gnosis

She will assist you in aligning with the rhythms of the earth and life. 

You will receive insights into ways to make choices from an ascended life style perspective.



This very unique performance is intuitively guided and directed around the energies at play and what is
called for to support those in attendance. No two presentations are the same.

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Ascend, Liberate, Expand, and Regenerate All Aspects, of Your Being. 

 Asteria is a Seer, Sensor, and Oracle of Truth.

She is the  Goddess of Falling Stars and Nighttime Divinations.

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"Gina offers a fresh perspective and approach
blending different methods and modalities.
She bridges gaps left in each when they are
in a stand-alone setting

. It is truly the beginning of a global approach
being reunited, and anyone fortunate enough
to experience Visionary Insights Live will
greatly benefit from it."

Salem - Event Coordinator

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"Thank you for the wonderful experience that you bring.
You are very inspiring to listen to as well as I feel so fortunate and grateful for the teachings as you bring us into the future. I also want to thank you for the insight that you shared with me on my journey. You are so right. You give me hope as well as courage and I really feel that is an important message that you give.
Speak up for our beliefs! Wake up! Stay awake! Or we can easily fall back under the waves."  
Thanks and lots of love to you."   - Steve

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“Gina Sings and Speaks from The Heart with Wisdom and Truth!” 
Dr. Joanne White, Award Winning International Best-Selling Author and Energy Master.

"Every person who spent time with Gina at our event was awe struck by Gina's ability and gifts."
 Michelle Mays – United Earth Alliance


"Gina Citoli adds a special energy called 'love'.  I heard only praises from participants after their time with Gina."
Aria Joy - Owner/Stonehenge Rocks and Rituals-MN

"If anyone is looking for a deeper, clearer understanding of his/her Path. I
highly recommend Enter The Mystic 
Jeanne Barret - Owner / Afton Embrace