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Dreaming The Magick is a transcendent reality where the extraordinary is the ordinary. 
In this most mystical of realms where miracles and magick are the way of life,
love prevails and music resounds throughout the land .

My Vision 
Dreaming The Magick has been my vision and what I have been devoted to since I was a child. 
"Dreaming The Magick" begins with "The Magick " and is the first show of a series of rock
musicals/operas with companion books & soundtracks. The series of four books commences with the content
in my performance "The Magick: and goes deeper into the life of Aradia and her teachings
of  love, transformation, ascension, immortality & more.

"Dreaming The Magick" is a road map to an ascended consciousness. 

It is the power with in us all that will liberate our spirit and lead us to freedom and greatness.
Dreaming The M
agick is designed to support us in healing and regenerating our lives and
the natural order of our planet!



Dreaming The Magick Book One & Rock Musical - "The Magick"

As stated on my home page the first step of Dreaming The Magick is to debut my one women
rock musical The Magick on summer solstice 2022 with Dreaming The Magick Volume 1 to
be released winter solstice of 2022




I will have a sponsorship/Patron opportunities listed in the next few days.


My online TV channels will have lot's of wonderful content from stories and songs to
Gina's Alchemy Readings and ways to purchase items and or donate. - Gina

Triple Goddess Trans.png