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Divas Wild Women & Rockers story is created and performed by Gina Citoli.
Music is by the original writers/artists

Gina, portrays 17 different singers and delivers an empowering Broadway class performance
about women that were rebels and revolutionaries that broke the stereotypes and rules.
They carved a new road for women in music and became the heralds for a powerful new female energy coming alive on the planet.
These women forever changed the world through their music and presence.
Woven into the show are stories of triumph, and tribulation, their stories, and ours.

Diva's Wild Women & Rockers is Empowering, Fun and Inspirational!

Excellent for Lady’s Night Out!
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"The room was full of my girlfriends from their late thirties to late seventies.
. Gina’s heartfelt voice rang though the room with songs from Whitney Houston (bringing most of us to tears)
and Tina Turner, to Heart and Billie Holiday and had us all captivated.  
Gina is a classy yet down to earth performer that will bring her Broadway worthy show to you.” DG

"Thank you again for a wonderful evening of Diva music, and your divine entertaining talent.” Afton Embrace

“Gina’s talent is hot, and the music is inspiring. What a great night, what amazing energy! Gina transports people to the highest level. Following the show people kept commenting that her show belonged on Broadway and certainly in every respect, that is correct.”  CG

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Featuring the Venerable Women Theme Song by Gina Citoli and Dawn Morningstar.

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