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Dinner & a Show

Transcendent Theatre Art


Regenerate Your Heart, Mind & Spirit

Dinner & a Show is designed to be a bridge from an old paradigm of what we
have called The World to The Earth a place of connection with each other and all life

This new paradigm celebrates Love, Beauty and life!

Dinner & a Show is for Connection, Contemplation & Unity.

Every performance raises the vibration of our planet supports our collective transcendence, health and wholeness as well as the renewal of the earth and life itself.

And they are - A Whole Lot of FUN!

If you are in Sedona, AZ. and need a venue space for your group GC productions  works with Sedona Center for Harmony and Enrichment. SCHE is a gorgeous space and seats about 70 people. GC Productions can also assist with event planning if needed.  

These superbly imaginative performances are awe inspiring road maps to a new reality.

 Transcendent Theatre Art is designed for our times.


 ​"The star quality Voice, the thought provoking and soul touching lyrics, the engaging music.
Riveting, exciting, and spellbinding! Gina's live performances are more than just a show,
they are health food for the spirit." - United Earth Allianc


Something New
  Transcendent Theatre Art - Dinner & A Show

Gather your friends. family, neighbors or someone new you just met.
Have everyone bring a dish for potluck and have dinner and a show with a Broadway style One Woman

Musical in your own home. After the show have conversation with the character of the show and each other. 

( Dinner & a Show can also be a special event for community's of all kinds, businesses, organizations and for fundraisers.) 




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A Tale of Valor, Love, Transformation, & Ascention.

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In This Powerful One-Woman Musical, Gina Citoli Rocks The Universe!

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Gina's Premier Performance


The Voice of Earth Herself!



A Cabaret of         


Captivating & Inspiring! Your heart will be filled and your mind will be opened.


Wish Upon a Star and...



Dream in The Light of a New World!


Rebels & Revolutionaries that Broke The Stereotypes & The Rules!


Divas, Wild Women & Rockers

They Rocked The World!


An Enchanting, Life Enriching Healing Concert 

Musical Metamorphosis

Rise, Transform & Transcend 


And help produce Gina's Transcendent Theatre Art and finish recording the soundtracks. 

Or Explore Opportunities for Sponsorship 

All music and soundtracks are available on Gina's Music Page.
Gina's new songs will be on this page as well as they become available. (Recorded)

"Gina's is one of the consciousness-raising messengers on our planet whose voice carries healing qualities. Gina combines her wisdom with music, story telling, humor and vocals to
onvey solutions for the challenges facing  humanity."   

- Carolyn Vinup - HPSS Global - Minneapolis, MN