Fun & Educational Songs Teaching Care for Our Planet  

Ideal for children ages 4-10. These upbeat songs include powerful messages 

about caring for each other and our planet.

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Individual Songs from the Soundtrack

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Green Blues

Mama Earth in this funky blues song sings about how she once was down with the blues when no one was paying attention to her needs and then her blues turned green as people started realized things had to change and she has come to encourage the change.

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Green It Up!

In this rap song Mama Earth tell the children the story of Trish and Trash the Garbage Gals that live in the garbage grounds with the garbage gremlins and the pests that pollute the mind. The lesson in the song is that once you change your mind you can turn your world around.

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Eco Boogie

Mama Earth sings about painting the town green and dancing in the streets for energy efficiency, doing the shimmy and shake for sustainability and the eco boogie the ecological swing cause green is really the thing!

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Emerald World

A beautiful and touching ballad about creating a amazing emerald world though the use of our imagination, healing of our minds and hearts and finding the courage to do so. (Based on the Wizard of OZ)

An awesome Healing Ceremony. The messages and vibrational healing of the music was fabulous! Shared with a group of lovely souls bringing in the divine feminine with their energy.

Gina's healing musical journey is a must experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


 -  Susan Underwood, Spiritual Artistry