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 ​"The star quality Voice, the thought provoking and soul touching lyrics, the engaging music.
Riveting, exciting, and spellbinding! Gina's live performances are more than just a show,
they are health food for the spirit." - United Earth Alliance  

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The Voice of The Earth Herself.
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A spectacular array 
of universal truth.
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A sacred healing
musical that vibrates
deep into your
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Coming Soon
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Special Project
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"Gina's is one of the consciousness-raising messengers on our planet whose voice carries healing qualities. Gina combines her wisdom with music, story telling, humor and vocals to
onvey solutions for the challenges facing  humanity."   

- Carolyn Vinup - HPSS Global - Minneapolis, MN



"The most life enriching performance I have ever had the privilege of experiencing. The lyrics were up-lifting and delivered in such a way that I felt Gina was communicating one-on-one with everybody in the audience. A real refreshing experience.  If you get a chance jump at any opportunity to listen."           - Rick Martinek

Media Max Events & Expos, Inc., Mpls, MN

"Emerald World is gorgeous! A heavenly vision I shall behold. Thank you!”'  

-Lori E, Las Vegas, NV 



"Gina's songs are fantastic. They ring with soul and inspiration and with relevance for our times. They should be our new national anthems." ​-Burt Berlow

Spirit Road Radio & Minnesota Peace Alliance

"Emerald World is AWESOME, It's amazing how fast it took my mind off this world and shifted my focus to that place I call Home."
- Timothy Young, TN

"Wow. Rise to Freedom will move you!! Gina hit a home run with truth she speaks of in this song". - Thanks Kat Luther



"When you are in the room with Gina you feel the soul of the music permeate every fiber of your being. It is an amazing experience."

- OKP Events

"IT ALL COMES DOWN TO LOVE is magnificent. The lyrics express IT so very well.
Gina, I thank you so much."
– Nan

“Absolutely amazing Gina Citoli!!!!.  - Teena Dietz, Minneapolis

"The Magick CD is Fantastic!"

-Gaia’s Vibes, Australia



""These are the Days," is a perfect masterpiece for our times. The melody and words are ingrained in my head. It is SPECTACULAR!"


“I was listening to Gina’s songs last night and I just started sobbing. They are so inspirational! I pray that these songs will grace the masses and open all hearts the way they open mine.  We especially need them now.”

- Hon. Dierdra L. Tompkins - Retired Judge, NYC

"Enthralling intoxicating stuff!” - Fire Works Magazine, London