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Gina's Transcendent Theatre Art is designed for our times.
Her superbly imaginative performances are exciting and thought provoking road maps to a new reality.

When you attend a performance you will interact with magnificent female charters that will fascinate you and take you beyond the world you have known into a new world of magick, renewal, prosperity, and creation.
This exceptional style of theatre art is a unique and dynamic healing modality that blends performing healing and metaphysical arts. They are truly life changing musical experiences of the extraordinary kind that
activate new perspectives and awareness’s of yourself and the world as a whole.


I will bring any one of my performances to you in a variety of fun and exciting ways!
Regenerate Your Heart, Mind & Spirit!
Join me and ignite your imagination. embolden your heart, advance your spirit, and be inspired to greatness. 
Celebrate Any Occasion!
Birthdays, Fridays, Holidays, Anniversaries, Sunny Days, graduations and Especially to... 

Celebrate Your Life!
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Raise Money for Love.
Love of A Humanitarian Cause.
The Love of a Friend in Need or for The Love of a Better World! 

It All Comes Down to Love
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 Transcendent Theatre Art-Dinner & A Show

Gather your friends. family, neighbors or someone new you just met. Have everyone bring a dish for potluck and have dinner and a show with a Broadway style One Woman Musical in your own home. After the show have conversation with the character of the show and each other.

These Are The Days!
I invite you to contact me me and let's create an exciting and memorable
for all to enjoy and remember. - Gina 

 Please fill out the form and specify which performance you would like. I look forward to bringing you and your guests a one of a kind extraordinary one woman musical" Gina
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Gina's Transcendent Theatre Art

Performances 90 min to 2 hours.          

Forty Five minute intriguing and engaging conversation
with charter of the performance afterwards.       



The Magick 

The Nightspell

A Cabaret of Consciousness

Divas, Wild Women & Rockers

Healing Concerts

Musical Metamorphosis

I usually will respond within 2 business days and we can set up a time for a call to meet 
and discuss details and questions. - Gina

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I am interested in

What People are Saying...

"Each song is powerful, vibrating in your bones.  I felt a remembrance, a deep emotion, connection. 

The Shanti song took me to a transcendent state.  Glorious to listen and immerse

oneself in Gina's expression through the gift of her voice."

- Jacquie Parzych

“Gina's songs are fantastic. They ring with soul and inspiration and with relevance for our times.They should be our new national anthems." Burt Berlow "- Spirit Road Radio & Minnesota Peace Alliance

"Emerald World is gorgeous! A heavenly vision I shall behold. Thank you!”'  - Lori E Las Vegas, NV 

 "Emerald World is AWESOME, It's amazing how fast it took my mind off this world and shifted my focus to that place I call Home." - Timothy Young, Tennesse

“THESE ARE THE is a perfect masterpiece for our time....I was delighted when I played it for the first time and the melody and words are already ingrained in my head after 10 minutes… SPECTACULAR! " Genita

"IT ALL COMES DOWN TO LOVE is magnificent. The lyrics express IT so very well.
Gina, I thank you so much." – Nan

“I was listening to Gina’s songs last night and I just started sobbing. 
They are so inspirational! I pray that these songs will grace the masses and open all hearts the way they open mine.  We especially need them now.” - Hon. Dierdra L. Tompkins - Retired Judge, NYC