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  1. Single Performance
    90 minutes optional intermission
    A Cabaret of Consciousness, The Magick, Divas Wild Women and Rockers.

  2. Family Package - Spring 2019
    Green it Up for children - ages 6 to 11
    A Cabaret of Consciousness - ages 9 and up.
    Family Package

  3. Fundraisers
    If you a looking for exceptional, and entertaining Fundraisers, Gina's performances one of Gina's Performances is a fantastic choice! The beauty, and benefit of having A Cabaret of Consciousness,
    The Magick or Divas, Wild Women and Rockers as a fundraiser is that not only are you raising money, you are offering your audience a one of a kind experience that holds outstanding benefits, and superb value.

  4. Keynote Performer
    Any length of time and can be customized for your event.
    Keynote Performer

  5. Gathering of The Mystical Kind
    A Gathering of The Mystical Kind is a magical gathering for the exchange of ideas, transformation, and elevating consciousness. They are for connection, conversation, community and coming together and to have FUN!
    Gatherings of The Mystical Kind

  6. Add The Transformational Wisdom Circle to any performance.

Please tell me about your event.
Which show would you like and whether it is a performance only, as Heart to Heart at Home Party, as a fundraiser or as a featured keynote singer/performer.

We can then set up a time to meet in person or on a zoom conference to discuss your needs and how I can help you make this a memorable event! - Gina

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