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Wholistic Performing Arts
Concerts, Music and One Woman Musicals that Ascend Consciousness and Liberate The Human Spirit.
Wholistic: Universal , All - Inclusive, Healing, Unifying and Life Enhancing.  
Now more than ever the value of live performance cannot be over stated

This summer Gina is launching A Cabaret of Consciousness 2021 and
Rise to Freedom Video​Though Rise to Freedom is media art it will be part of A Cabaret of Consciousness as well as a 25 min live program for schools,
events, rallies and other gatherings.
Help Produce A Cabaret of Consciousness 2021 and Other live  Public Shows.
Be a Founding Sponsor

If you would like to be a
 founding sponsor for A Cabaret of Consciousness 2021 Tour I invite you to sample music, watch videos and read reviews and content at...

Art Mirrors Life and Life is an Art!, 

Join me in creating a beautiful dream that can become our future world. 

There are many ways you can sponsor a performance. I invite conversation to discover how we can support each other. Contact Me 

Donations are always
greatly appreciated .


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Mama Earth - A Cabaret of Consciousness