A Cabaret of Consciousness 2021/22
Live Shows are available to book in the Minneapolis St Paul Area till 10/8/21.

Then Gina will be based in Sedona, AZ. A Cabaret of Consciousness will be available beginning the week of 10/25/21 and beyond and Miracles, Magic and Music will be playing beginning in November
through the 2021 holiday season.

All other performances will be available as of 1/1/22 in Sedona AZ. 
 Details of when are where they will be playing will be coming soon.  

Interviews with Gina
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What People are Saying...

"Each song is powerful, vibrating in your bones.  I felt a remembrance, a deep emotion, connection. 

The Shanti song took me to a transcendent state.  Glorious to listen and immerse

oneself in Gina's expression through the gift of her voice."

- Jacquie Parzych

“Gina's songs are fantastic. They ring with soul and inspiration and with relevance for our times.They should be our new national anthems." Burt Berlow "- Spirit Road Radio & Minnesota Peace Alliance

"Emerald World is gorgeous! A heavenly vision I shall behold. Thank you!”'  - Lori E Las Vegas, NV 

 "Emerald World is AWESOME, It's amazing how fast it took my mind off this world and shifted my focus to that place I call Home." - Timothy Young, Tennesse

“THESE ARE THE DAYS...song is a perfect masterpiece for our time....I was delighted when I played it for the first time and the melody and words are already ingrained in my head after 10 minutes… SPECTACULAR! " Genita

"IT ALL COMES DOWN TO LOVE is magnificent. The lyrics express IT so very well.
Gina, I thank you so much." – Nan

“I was listening to Gina’s songs last night and I just started sobbing. 
They are so inspirational! I pray that these songs will grace the masses and open all hearts the way they open mine.  We especially need them now.” - Hon. Dierdra L. Tompkins - Retired Judge, NYC