Liberate Your Wildness and Authentic Genius!

Ascend Performing Arts Academy offers superbly imaginative multidimensional consciousness courses that teach self mastery
through wholistic performing arts.

The courses are designed to unlock the brilliance, (intense brightness of light),
exceptional talent, and intelligence in each individual.

This is an extraordinary adventure into the limitless power and potential that is within us all
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Bringing wholistic performance art into your life as a beautiful ritual can support your
ascension, self realization, and spiritual connection.

  • Experience performance art as an instrument for the greatest expression of yourself.
  • Tune into into the power of alchemy, expanded consciousness, and creativity.  (Alchemy is the ability to change the frequency of thought. alter the harmonic's of matter and apply the elements of love to achieve a desired result! )
  • Discover deeper intuition and significant change in your life and the world. 

"No time in our history has it ever been more important than right now to master ourselves and become strong in body, mind, and spirt as we will all be called at some point to stand up and take control of our own lives to not just survive but to Rise and Go Beyond What We Have Known!"  - Gina

Strength - Voyager Tarot:
"This card is the law of Self - Dominion it means the full and  free but controlled expression of body, mind and spirit. Strength is total living. It is living in full accord with the undiluted multiplicity of your being.  Strength in it's sun like essence is the creative source.
It must be strong to force through the denser and duller energies. Strength stands out and is felt by others in it's
drive to give new life. " - James Wanless, PHD - The Voyager Tarot


AlchemFall 2021
More information coming soon.
All of programs are based on 5th & 6th dimensional principles.

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"Life is an Art and The Earth is Our Living Stage,
.We are The People are of The Earth, not of the illusionary world that is dissolving around us. 
It is time for us to reconnect to The Earth, her magnetism and to
who we really are!" - Gina