Mysterium  Theatre Arts Courses support ascension, wholeness, exploration,
regeneration and liberation on all levels through performance art.

All of programs are based on 5th & 6th dimensional principles.

Our first course series is called ...

Ascend Consciousness is an innovative interactive performing arts learning platform.

The intention of this first program is to unlock the brilliance, meaning the intense brightness of light, exceptional talent, and intelligence in each individual though performing arts.

This is an adventure that taps into the limitless power and potential that is within us all

Each individual will learn how performance art can be used as a vehicle for their highest expression.
They will learn how performance art can be used to tap into the power of creativity.
This program is also used for self realization, healing, spiritual connection, increased intuition and to produce significant change in their own lives and the world.

Coming Winter of 2021/22