Concerts of The Extraordinary Kind

When you experience an Ascend Concert you will feel like you have been hugged by
a mighty sound wave of love, freedom, revelation, regeneration, and truth!.

Enthralling, Emboldening, and Transformational.

"Every time I experience one of Gina's performances she has a way of elevating my consciousness
physically, emotionally and spiritually, The concert gave me the motivation to shine my light even brighter."
- Lynn Koll -Awesome Women
Red Star Trans.png

Gina is an energetic, gifted and talented musician, composer, performer and teacher.

Her music, messages and voice inspires, uplifts and leaves you with a high-vibrational experience. 

It's a beautiful, all-in-one, gift-wrapped package!

- Jane Myers - Owner, Producer at Mind Mastery Radio