Entertainment is a powerful tool that can inspire us to reach for our greatest good and highest expression.
Performance Art can be a mirror for self realization, it can enrich and enliven us, ignite our imagination,
creativity, higher intelligence and innate healing abilities.  


Performance Art with a New Narrative that Regenerates the Human Spirit.

The Mission of Alchemy VII Enterprises is to produce “Excellent Theatrical Quests” that unite the performance and
healing arts with the evolution of consciousness, mysticism, science, and ancient wisdom.

The Vision of Alchemy VII Enterprises is to use performance art to inspire millions to awaken from indifference
and victim consciousness, acknowledge their true power, and aspire to greatness.

AVIIE is Gina Citoli’s production company and produces all of Gina’s work.

Benefits and Value

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We are Built on a Multiple Bottom Line

Profit for people. 
All needs met for ALL Beings!
Love of Planet Earth.
Create conditions for peace.
An agent for transformation.
(From Micheal Beckwiths opening speech at the Success 3.0 Summit.)

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Produced by Alchemy VII Enterprises  

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