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Alchemy VII Enterprises Unites Performance and Healing Arts.
Alchemy VII Enterprises offers one of a kind experiences that are powerful tools that inspire you to reach for your greatest good and highest expression. These events offer you self-realization, ignite your imagination, creativity, higher intelligence and open you to your innate healing abilities.  

The mission of Alchemy VII Enterprises is to deliver performances of  "The Extraordinary Kind".
They connect heart, and mind, offer expanded perception, a sense of well-being, new possibilities, and a greater awareness of yourself and our world.

AVII productions are designed to offer an opportunity for all to give, receive and benefit.
AVII stands in support as the human race rises to our full potential and offers productions that raise the
energy of humanity and the frequency on the planet. 

Alchemy VII Enterprises Productions are a wave of performance, healing, light, sound and energy.


We are Built on a Multiple Bottom Line

Profit for people. 
All needs met for ALL Beings!
Love of Planet Earth.
Create conditions for peace.
An agent for transformation.
(From Micheal Beckwiths opening speech at the Success 3.0 Summit.)

All Performances are Produced by Alchemy VII Enterprises