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Online 6, 11, 2019 - CDT 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

* Enter with Your Imagination.
The Story, The Songs, and The Insights.

* Be Open to Insights from The Quantum Field (Gallery Reading)
The insights are from the field as well as from the stories and music.
They are specific to the group and individuals that are participating.

* Mediation to Contemplation.

* Group Dialogue on the Teachings and Insights that Come Forth.

* Personal Questions

*Closing Intention and Song.

The Royal Art of Alchemy Small Logo 5-20-19.png

Tickets at

Includes two hour presentation as well as an inspiring video download of the story, songs, and insights.

A separate live video will be available for all participants days after the event.
( if you are unable to attend live you have this option.) 

Any personal information will be edited out before it is available for download.).

You may also gather your family and friends and have this presentation in your home or for your group, organization or special event.

Book Adventures Into Personal Transformation.


The Royal Art of Alchemy Small Logo 5-20-19.png

"Thank you for the wonderful experience that you bring.
You are very inspiring to listen too as well as I feel so fortunate and grateful for the teachings as you bring us into the future. 
 I also want to thank you for the insight that you shared with me on my journey. You are so right. 
You give me hope as well as courage and I really feel that is an important message that you give.
Speak up for our beliefs! Wake up! Stay awake! Or we can easily fall back under the waves."  Thanks and lots of love to you."  Steve