Thank you for coming to my website! I would like to take the time to personally introduce you to "Beyond Entertainment into The Extraordinary!" 

"Beyond Entertainment into The Extraordinary!" is engaging entertainment that takes you to new levels of consciousness, offers you a new lens in which to see the world, and a mindset where anything is possible!
The music and performances are healing modalities unto themselves and are created to be enjoyable and experiential ways to share with you what I have learned on my own healing and life journey.  

This brand of entertainment supports personal and planetary transformation, as well as being elevating, exciting, and informative. It ignites your imagination and creativity, and inspires you to claim your true power, potential, and sovereignty. It is about discovering who we really are not who we have been taught and programmed to be.

I have a back-ground that ranges from theater and ballet to rock and metaphysics.  From herbalism to Reiki, neuroscience, quantum physics, and mastery level teachings. The theater, dance and rock music are my life long passions and from the metaphysics on it was all to learn how to heal and master myself and how to overcome the patterns that had created severe adrenal issues, overwhelming anxiety, and depression among other various named an unknown imbalances, and dis-ease.

Soon alternative healing modalities, metaphysics, mysticism, science and the evolution of human consciousness also became my passions and they all merged into my premier performance A Cabaret of Consciousness and eventually into all I do.  

Here s a link to the Benefits and Value that I have brought into my shows and music. 
Everything I offer comes from my heart and sincere desire to share with you what is possible!