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As Mama Earth Gina Citoli Delivers A Profound and Beautiful Message
of Renewal, Hope, and Promise to 
The World.
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A brilliant powerhouse of a performance that is "The Voice of The Earth Herself!

“Open your hearts and plant your feet firmly on the ground. Take each other by the hand and together reclaim your lives, your world, and your humanity! - Love Mama Earth

A Cabaret of Consciousness 2021 is Ready to  Go!
This performance is created for and dedicated to all of Humanity!
It is the most optimistic and life enhancing show you will ever see!
A Cabaret of Consciousness is now a 2-hour event with a 15 min Intermission.

The performance has expansive new perceptions, more interaction, and visionary stories as well as an array of exciting new music along with the core songs of the show.

Mama Earth is committed to inspiring every living man, woman, and child to aspire to their own greatness, and to Stand up and Rise.
Discover a New World and A New Way of Being!
In A Cabaret of Consciousness Mama Earth shares her wisdom, enthusiasm, and passion for magnificent new world for us all that is right within our reach!

A Cabaret of Consciousness is available in The Twin Cities Area of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin as of 8/1/21 .

Host or Attend a Performance 

Since there are many in need right now A Cabaret of Consciousness can be used as a fundraiser to help your neighbor, a local business, group, or organization. 

Sponsorship opportunities are available to help cover the cost of producing public performances.

Donations are very helpful and appreciated as well!
For information go to
Sponsors.-  Gina

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Rise to Freedom will be part of the 2021 version along with other new songs not added to the soundtrack yet.

"A Cabaret of Consciousness presents powerful and innovative solutions to how we as a people can move forward in a new way. It is restorative, inspirational, and a full-on feel-good experience all wrapped into one. Enjoy the energy of this extraordinary performance as together we rise" - Gina


Illuminating and Superbly Imaginative

"Gina Citoli has put together a musical that is the most profound and comprehensive message from Mama Earth you have ever heard. A Cabaret of Consciousness is the message of the time for the new earth. The level of professionalism, artistry and full spectrum delivery of this most appropriate message is phenomenal."
 - Adrian Stewart, Parangello Players, Sedona, AZ

"This show is a representative and ambassador of a greater reality!"
-Rebekka Swan, Actress & Producer, Ashland OR


 Brimming with feel-good vibes, magnificent music, captivating stories,

breakthrough information. humor and... it’s a whole lot of fun!

Enjoy 30 second previews of songs from A Cabaret of Consciousness. 
They may be purchased as a full album download or as singles.

A Cabaret of Consciousness

The entire soundtrack.

Includes all the singles listed below.

The Natural Order of Things

"A Cabaret of Consciousness" opens with this jazzy upbeat tune that connects us back to the natural order of life.

Introduction to "The Journey"

Meet the ancient cave dwellers who start us off

on this fascinating journey.

The Journey

The cave dwellers begin to realize there's a light coming from beyond what they've been able to see. Observe their evolution from limitation to expansion. 

Take the Fear Away

Fall in love with the world and trust your own power --

and watch the fear melt away. 

Breakdown of Imagination

Imagine a new horizon built on a higher truth.

Imagine yourself with a brand new start.

Mental Ecology

New intentions and inventions beyond all convention

with perception and reflection -- conception of a new world!

Respectfully Yours

Are you willing to take another look and say "I'm respectfully yours?"

It All Comes Down to Love

You're a force of love and have the power of a peacemaker.

Open to your light and brilliance! 

A Thousand Years of Peace

Can you imagine a thousand years of peace --

and a millennium of love for our future generations? 

We are the ancestors showing the way.

The City of Light

Leave yesterday behind and the vibration of love
will show you the way. 

Chocolate Rocks

Chocolate -- a perfect example of pure bliss!

With love, joy and chocolate you can touch the sky.

The Dream Lives

Beyond the veil of illusion, you can transcend the road of struggle, pass the chaos and your skies will clear. 

These are the Days

We're on the threshold of a new frontier and

our new world is finally here! 

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