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The Mission of A Cabaret of Consciousness 

The Mission of “A Cabaret of Consciousness” is to awaken, enlighten, and inspire humanity to embrace
its true power, and to use that power for personal, and planetary transformation.

This is a mission of love, hope, and a heart felt call for humanity to become its own heroes, legends, and geniuses. 
It is a call to be inspired by love, and to take action from an elevated consciousness, and creative mind.

Using performance art, and entertainment woven together with ancient wisdom, quantum physics, self-realization, coherence,
 principles of the healing arts, and a whole lot of fun, it shows us how to lead ourselves out of our darkest days,
and become who we have away been meant to be.
 A Golden Race of Love!

The message of A Cabaret of Consciousness is we DO have the Power, and we CAN change the world around us. 
The Key is in our Consciousness!

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And The Guiding Practices of Consciousness.

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