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"Enthralling, Intoxicating Stuff!" - Fireworks Magazine, London

A magickal, musical story told by Aradia, an Avatar of the highest order known as Bella Pellegrina (The Beautiful Pilgrim or "Queen of The Witch”)

"The magic that is produced is intensely necessary! Great sentiment and expertly channeled!" - Music Dish, NYC

"The Magick": A seemingly amazing happening that is essentially a natural expression of the laws of higher consciousness. Magick is an art and a science of the senses. With this art we shape the subtle, invisible source energy that exists within us, as well as in the in-between places and throughout our entire world. 
The truth of "The Magick" is that it emerges from us coming from a deep internal well of our core being."  - Aradia

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The Magick is Alive is the first show of a trilogy that is called Avatars of The New Earth.
A Cabaret of Consciousness though not a part of the trilogy it is the prelude of things to come.
The trilogy itself opens the doors and gateways to the amazing new world that exists beyond our wildest dreams in the field of possibilities. 

Please go to Avatars of The New Earth for more information.

"A genuine, one-of-a-kind, awesome show! This is a dynamic performance, and those on the path of higher consciousness don't want to miss it." Afton Embrace

"I so loved this performance. It gave me goose bumps, moved me to tears, and I was in awe as I watched Gina sing with such gifted talent. The words were filled with universal truths of wisdom for the shifting times we are in, and it all flowed in perfect harmony.  Her passion for this work shows through as she gave all of us so much inspiration and fun entertainment! Thank you for a wonderful show that I won't forget!" Lynn Koll - Oasis Center for Conscious Living

This performance by Gina Citoli is an inspiration. No matter where a person is on her/his spiritual path, they will find something magical and meaningful to awaken and remind them of their true self and connection with all!  I loved it and highly recommend it.  Gina’s energy and voice are a prayer and an affirmation.”  
Dawn Morningstar - Venerable Women

"A genuine, one-of-a-kind, awesome show! This is a dynamic performance, and those on the path of higher consciousness don't want to miss it.  Gina's talent of writing and performing is outstanding, and her debut was a hit at Afton Embrace.  She is definitely onto something big with this show. Thank you, Gina, for sharing your gift!"  Afton Embrace

 Citoli Rocks the Universe.....
"Earth plane Goddess Gina Citoli Does it Again -  Entertainment Meets Enlightenment....She's found another way to put Universal Truth to Music. Similar yet different to her Cabaret of Consciousness, The Magick sings right on through high-level Universal Truths. A unique presentation style, different (for me) is the "continuous element of covering a topic in song and story then moving directly to another without applause in-between. For me it is a welcome pause for silence and reflection versus the distraction of clapping and applause, creating a moment of respectful learning. Reminding me that "when the student is ready the teacher appears".... Here She Is AGAIN ! Go Gina - the Universe is your Apple!" Tom Peter