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"With effervescence, passion and an astounding set of pipes, Gina Citoli delivers a message of hope to her audience in A Cabaret of Consciousness. Packed with invaluable information, the Cabaret explores the way to better living, higher thinking and a greener path, and all with a sensational soundtrack! Gina throws her heart and soul into this show, and the audience can't help but be inspired." 
Kelli Tatum, Executive Director,  The WideSpot Performing Arts Center      

"THANK YOU!  I really enjoyed your performance.  I thought it was very educational and thought that it should be addressed as a FAMILY EDUCATIONAL event. I believe you are on the right path in educating all! Your performance was so energetic, your facial expressions and the way you sing is so mesmerizing.  I loved your Music and your story telling was fantastic!  I truly believe that you are a natural performer with such a conscious story to tell, and I love your vision!  Hats off to YOU!"  Christy Hansen - General Manager BreakAway Arts

"Gina is an energetic, gifted and talented musician, composer, performer and teacher, who through her music, messages and voice will inspire, uplift, and powerfully leave you with a high vibrational experience. Totally fun besides... Gina's flow extends to you and you smile and learn all at once.
A beautiful, all in one, gift wrapped package! "A must have performer"
Jane Myers - Owner, Producer at Mind Mastery

"Gina is a vibrant, upbeat and talented singer.  We found her very easy to work with in her ability to communicate her needs and expectations and in understanding the same from us. A true professional. Her powerful message of hope, peace, interconnectedness and care for our planet are timely and were well received. We look forward to continuing to work with Gina at future events at the Mall of America."
G Skye Fiedler - Executive Board, Mall Area Religious Council

 "Gina was a joy to have in the store for the week. She went out of her way to promote her show, and making our customers feel welcome. Working with her on the set up for the show was great. We had some challenges with spacing and seating. Her thoughts and ideas were always beneficial to both her and the store. The energy around Gina is a joy and she brings joy to all around her." 
Angela Anno - Founder Celestial Awakenings 

"What an eye-opener... Gina has a beautiful way of weaving a complex tapestry
right before our eyes ...and we experience every part of it!" 

 Amy S. Tolbert, PHD., ECCO International

"Throughout the day today, I've been musing on last evening's program and sorting through some of the thoughts and feelings that were generated. Gina’s performance was remarkable in a number of ways.  Her sustained level of energy and engagement were extraordinary. 
The philosophical content of the show was well presented.  It is not an easy body of information to condense down to an approachable level, 
but Gina managed to do it well."