Gina's Bio

There is nothing else like Gina's performances. Her unique productions truly offer a brilliant vision for humanity and solutions to the challenges we face as a people and a planet all in an exceptional and exciting way.

Gina marries her diverse background in theater, music and performance arts with her knowledge of new science, environmental awareness, alternative healing and universal laws and truths. She wraps this all together in one dynamic package delivering performances that are extraordinary, inspirational, elevating and empowering.  

Gina has performed to standing ovations and rave reviews from New York's Battery Park and Den Design-Forum of the Museums Quarter in Vienna, to The Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle and the Beverly Hillshire Screening facility in Beverly Hills CA. to name a few. Gina's music has won awards, she has recorded two phenomenal songs with Grammy award-winning producer Barry Goldstein, her music has been used by NASA, in film for the environment and on international CD compilations for world peace.

Gina is an emissary and way shower for the emergence of an empowered and more evolved humanity.

"Gina is a brillantly talented ,performer, singer, songwriter. Gina performed" Cabaret of Conscious" at Free Spirit Ranch summer of 2009. We all laughed, and received a wealth of information that created positive possibility in all our lives. Gina received a standing ovation which she truly earned. I highly recommend Gina , she's a very talented lady." 
Lisa Kuchinski Be it Coaching / Free Spirit Ranch

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