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Mama Earth shares her secrets of how to Green Up our world.
She entertains the children with songs like The Green Blues, and her latest rap song Green it UP!

Mama tells stories about the importance of imagination, and belief, and the kids get to learn about Trish, and Trash the Garbage Gals that live in the garbage grounds with the Garbage Gremlins, and the Pests that pollute the mind. They learn the importance of their thinking, and the effect it has on their lives, and the world around them. And they get to have lots of fun, and get to dance to The Eco Boogie! 

Presently this show is available only as a download.

Download Green it UP!

Sample  Green it UP!....

To Teachers, Parents And Home Schooler's.

Included in the download package is the audio download of the 20 minute version of Green it UP!, the
 soundtrack of the 20 minute version of Green it UP! and the script of the 20 minute version of Green it Up!.
( Includes lyrics, stories and teachings Mama Earth shares throughout the show.)